Online Learning Opportunities

During this season most of us have a lot of time on our hands. Why not use that time to grow in the Lord?

The following spiritual growth opportunities—facilitated by Dr. Pastor Scott Fowler—are available online through the ZOOM app. Simply fill out the form below indicating your interests and availability.

〉  Life in the Middle:

A study of Pastor Scott’s book,  Life in the Middle (pdf (free) or Kindle,  $4.99)


〉  Inductive Bible Study:

Learn how to study the Bible inductively. Textbook required


〉  The Turn to the Subject: How the Seeds of the Enlightenment Era Produced the Current Cultural / Spiritual Crisis in the West

Read this article for a taste of what the class will cover


〉  Introduction to Beginners New Testament Greek.

(pdf textbook will be made available)


〉  The Daily Prayer Project


〉  CLM Online YouTube Channel